Goals and Objective

Second Chance of Orangeburg Animal Rescue Coalition Goals and Objectives

  1. Pet Food Bank to help families keep their pets during hard times.
  2. A Foster Program for the beloved pets of deployed Servicemen and women so they do not have to surrender their pets to high kill shelters because they are being deployed and have no place for their pets to be temporarily rehomed. Allowing the serviceman or woman the security of knowing their pet is safe until they come home. This way they can be reunited when the service men or women return home.
  3. A comprehensive list of possible Families or individuals willing to foster. (Care for a dog or cat temporarily) until a forever home can be found.
  4. A spay and neuter program that includes low cost spay and neuter programs, education programs, and spay and neuter voucher to limit the number of homeless pets that end up in high kill shelters
  5. The implementation of the feral cat Trap, neuter and release program. Cats are not dangerous. By catching the males and neutering them, then releasing the back to where they were found we will eliminate the problem of feral cats in time without killing thousands of homeless cats.
  6. Finding better ways to report and address cruelty, abuse and dog fighting.

These are a few of the programs that can eliminate the need to kill homeless pets. Fostering eliminated overcrowding of high kill shelters, preventing the need to kill simply because “there is no room at the inn”/ Spay and neuter education and programs eliminates most of the problem of too many dogs and cats. Our servicemen and women should never have to surrender their beloved pets (family members to most) just because they have no one to care for their pet while on deployment. Feral cats should not die just because they are a nuisance when the problem can be fixed by humane programs. If there was an easy anonymous way to report dog fighting, abuse and cruelty more people would speak up. But at the same time we have to find a way to support animal control so they can handle the calls in a timely manner.