Who We Are

About Us

We are advocates for a NO Kill Orangeburg community. A place where no treatable or healthy dog or cat dies just because they are homeless. We believe a collaboration of rescue organizations can do more when working together than working alone. Unlike diapers or paper cups, we believe companion animals are not disposable. We will be their voice, for they cannot speak for themselves.

What does NO Kill mean?

  • It means no treatable or healthy companion animal dies just because they are homeless
  • It means building a strong foster and adoption programs
  • It means a feral cat trap neuter and release program
  • It means stronger cruelty, neglect and chaining laws
  • It means spay and neutering programs
  • It means teaching our children that animals are not disposable
  • It means a collaboration of all local rescue organizations
  • It means a collaboration of businesses, churches, civic organizations, schools, government and individuals

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Second Chance of Orangeburg Animal Rescue Coalition.
P.O. Box 1446
Orangeburg SC 29115

Email: cbs1008@aol.com
Phone: 803 535-9600